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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 2, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, november 2nd, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. new details about what the new york terror suspect did before the truck attack that killed eight people. the nypd's john miller's in studio 57. plus, we'll hear from the father of a 32-year-old new jersey man killed in the attack. >> breaking overnight, a manhunt is under way for a gunman who killed three people inside a colorado walmart. witnesses say he walked into the store and began randomly shooting. a major recall this morning. the warning about more than 37 million fire extinguishers that are in homes and businesses across the country. hey, houston, you have a
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championship. the astros win their first ever world series and their shortstop celebrates with a ring. plus, here in studio 57, the only leonardo da vinci painting still in private hands. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> the charges should be taken as no indication that our work here is over. rest assured, we will not stop until every last lead has been covered. >> the suspected new york city attacker faces terrorism charges. >> the president tweeted overnight the attacker should actually get the death penalty. >> this was an attack on our values. but as an effort to break our spirit it failed. >> president trump vowing to end the visa program that allowed the new york city terror suspect to enter the u.s. >> we need quick justice and strong justice because what we have right now is a joke and it's a laughingstock. >> they're shooting, they're shooting. >> in colorado, a deadly
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shooting at a walmart about ten miles north of denver. >> at this time, the suspect remains at large. >> republicans are vowing to keep this morning's deadline to release their tax reform plan. >> this bill is the greatest abomination that i have seen in all my years. >> the cia released a collection of videos and other materials recovered during a raid to capture obama bin laden. >> all that. >> ground ball, right side, could do it. the houston astros are world champions. >> and all that matters. >> i want to congratulate the houston astros on their first ever world series championship. >> we're champions of the world. >> on cbs this morning. >> one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. right now, i want to take another big step in my life. will you make me the happiest man in the world? will you marry me? will you marry me?
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>> welcome to cbs this morning. first congratulations to her. to him. to the houston astros and to all of their fans. >> i know. >> she did say yes. >> yeah. city of houston's had a tough year. well deserved victory. >> we turn to the news. prosecutors say the suspect in the new york city truck assault planned it for about a year and they say he did that in the nail of isis. >> making his first court a peerance shacklemillid in a wheelchair. president trump tweeted late last night that he should get the death penalty. >> police arrested him after he
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allegedly drove a rented truck down a bike path. prosecutors say he chose halloween for the attack because he believed there would be more people on the street. jeff glor's at the street where the rampage ended, good morning. >> good morning. late yesterday afternoon, police removed the rented truck he used. they say he was planning to display isis flags on that truck but then decided against it because it might attract too much attention. and police also say that nearly go weeks before this attack, he rented a different truck to make practice runs. >> a man consumed by hate and a twitted ideology attacked our country and our city. >> reporter: charges filed on wednesday depict the uzbek immigrant as a disciple of isis propaganda. recovered from his truck, two cell phones. one one of them, authorities discovered about 90 videos and
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3,800 image, many of them isis related. >> he allegedly admitted head was inspired by the isis videos he watched. >> reporter: just after 2:00 p.m. on tuesday, he rented a truck from this new jersey home depot. about 40 minutes later, he travelled over the george washington bridge and into manhattan. at 3:04 p.m., a camera outside the holland tunnel captured him speeding down the bike path for about a mile, eventually killing eight before crashing into a school bus. across the hudson river, federal agents swarmed his home in new jersey yesterday. one of three states he lived in in the u.s. after immigrating from uzbekistan in 2010. >> i don't know what happened after he moved from florida to new jersey. >> reporter: this man, an uzbek religious activist, told the bbc he knew the suspect when he lived in ohio. >> some say he became discouraged because daily life was hard. his truck broke down and he wasn't find a job and he going
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deeper deeper depression. >> reporter: investigators are now trying to determine if he had any help. an intelligence source tells cbs news saipov had some contact with individuals in 2015 who were considered radicalized extremists and at least one of whom was from uzbekistan. he also told investigators he also wanted to fly the isis flagness hospital room because he was so proud of what he'd just done. >> all right, jeff, thank you so much. the new york police officer who brought down saipof says he's no hero, just doing his job. he thought he was responding to an accident. then he saw what he believed were guns in the suspect's hands. the 28-year-old fired his weapon and hit saipov in the abdomen. officer nash made a brief statement to reporters yesterday. >> although i feel we were just doing our job like thousands of officers do every day, i understand the importance of yesterday's events and the role we play and i'm gratful for the
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recognition we have received. i just want to thank my family and friends for their support and all of the responding officers who assisted. >> nash joined the nypd five years ago. new york city mayor said what he did was extraordinary. >> the eight people killed in the attack have now been identified. they include two americans, 32-year-old darren drake and 23-year-old nicholas cleave. a 31-year-old mother of two young children from belgium also died. the other five victims came from argentina. demarco morgan is in lower manhattan at the corner where the suspect began driving down that bike path, demarco, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see just how busy this intersection is and you can also see how easy it is for a vehicle to turn in and make its way down this bike path. at least eight people are in the hospital with injuries ranging from amputations to neck and back injuries. perhaps the worst pain of it all is for those who found out their loved ones will not be coming hom. >> i'm not even angry.
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i'm not. i'm not angry at all. hurt. i'm absolutely hurt. >> reporter: jimmy drake is coping with the loss of his son, 32-year-old darren drake who lived with his parents in new jersey. together, they tried to reach him after hearing about tuesday's attack. >> we said, what are the odds of darren being out in a 30-second period of time that the guy came driving by? but then as the day went on, no darren. >> reporter: jimmy and his wife identified darren's body wednesday. >> i think i'd rather have every tube pulled out without any kind of novocaine than go through this. >> reporter: 23-year-old nicholas cleave was the youngest victim, a new york, the software engineer lived just blocks away from where the rampage started. a mother of two from belgium also died. her husband told a belgium newspaper the 31-year-old was the most beautiful mom. was with family on the bike path
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when the suspect allegedly ran her over from behind. cell phone video taken just minutes before the attack showed this group of men from argentina who were celebrating more than 30 years of friendship. five of the men were killed. their friend from massachusetts survived but has neck injured. tom is merrill's friend. >> not only did he survive but he's out of danger, he's out of critical care and he's going to make it. >> reporter: president trump called the president of argentina last night to offer his condolences. meanwhile, the bike path is back open as you can see to joggers and runners and bikers. along with flowers along the route serving as a reminder of what happened. >> thanks, demarco. john miller is nypd's deputy counterterrorism and also our former senior correspondent. welcome back. >> good to be back. >> you said you don't make judgments but knowing what you know, did he act alone, did he
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have help, and what drove him to do it? >> so that's a key question for us. right now, we're kind of going backwards on the joint terrorism task force with the fbi through all his communication, those of which we can get and we can see. trying to figure out is this inspired? just got all this off the internet? was it enabled? was he communicating with isis officials over encrypted channels or was it directed with this part of the plan? at this point, we don't see anything that lead us to believe there's anyone else involve bud i caution we're a day or two into this. >> you believe he was self-radicalized? >> it appears from what we know now, and this could change, that he was radicalized after he came to the united states. >> i keep thinking, john, how tough it is, looking at mr. drake, talking about that he's not angry that he's hurt. i keep thinking how hard it must be for the victim's families just bragging about what he's done, gleeful about what he's done, showing no remorse.
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i want to hear more about that from the law enforcement point of view. what that means to hear this guy bragging about it and what -- the fact he's alive certainly is an advantage, what you hope to learn from him now. >> when you capture a live terrorist, you have the ability to question that person and if you're able to glean a lot about those things, were they part of a larger network, is this something bigger, were they acting alone. you can also go deeper into those questions about what brought you to this point. and there are former defendants in cases like this where we've learned a lot about the arc of their radicalization. and what we're seeing today is in the united states, a great deal of that is just done online. >> can i ask you, president trump said yesterday that saipov potentially brought 23 people with him when he came to the united states. what do you know about the president's claim? >> nothing about that. i think he seems to be referring
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to other people that came in that visa program. part of that program is once you get here, you have the opportunity to bring family members. >> but no suggestions there are 23 other people -- >> or any number. >> -- might be suspected in a terror plot? >> i think that might be a stretch. >> what did you learn from the note? >> the note has a lot of potential significance. what the note says is not terribly informative. it says the islamic state will endure forever multiple times on a couple of pieces of paper. but the fact that there was a note left at the scene in the truck on the ground means he was following the isis instructions which says if you're going to do this you need to claim credit for isis or we won't know you're one of us. and to yell it out, post it online or their magazine even suggested leaving leaflets. this seems to touch on that last piece. >> how will which break through this arc of radicalization you talked about? >> charlie, this is something
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that has vexed us since 9/11 when the u.s. government started looking at this. and it is a prescription that is very hard for the government to deliver. this is something that we have been in discussions with the larger muslim community about how to do and we're not there yet. we have no effective countermethod today. >> thank you, john. a manhunt is under way for a gunman who killed three people at a denver area walmart. police released this photo of the suspect. they say the gunman walked into the store last night and started shooting people at random. witnesses say he drove away in a red mitsubishi mirage. cell phone video shows the mutual mart moments after the shooting. it happened in colorado, just north of denver. vladimir duthier is here with the unfolding investigation. >> reporter: two men died at the scene. the third victim, a woman, died a short time later at a nearby hospital. police say the victims were all in the same area of the store but they do not know if they knew each other.
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[ sirens ] police swarm this denver walmart within minutes of the first 911 call. >> we were just hearing this popping noise. >> reporter: inside the store with her son. >> i just see all the people, you know, falling down because we were really scared. she said, they're shooting. >> reporter: the police said the shooter walked into the store with a hand gun and started firing. >> we determined it's random as of right now because there was no direction. the person came in and just shot towards a group. >> reporter: adam was paying for groceries when he heard the gunfire. >> iecause i didn't know what to think. then i heard two more shots. i hit the ground. >> reporter: one woman said her 15-year-old son called her from inside the store. >> he was near the shooter. the gun was going off. and he just called. he said, i'm at 1%, my battery's ready to die, but there's a shooter here at walmart, but if anything happens to me, i love
7:15 am
you guys, i love you all so much. >> this is a very heinous act. you know, we don't know exactly what the motive of the person was. but it was certainly a terrible act. >> reporter: and we have late breaking information from our denver station kcnc. police just took the suspect into custody after a police chase. officials say there is no indication this shooting was an act of terror, charlie. >> vlad, thank you. president trump will meet today with house republicans after he unveiled the long awaited details of the tax plan. it would be the first major tax overhaul in three decades. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with what we could see in the plan. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. house gop lawmakers are getting their first look at the plan in a closed door meeting happening behind me right now. but here's what we can tell you that we know so far. this plan would shrink the
7:16 am
number of income tax brackets but leave the current top tax bracket, 39.6%, in place. the lowest rate, other than zero of course, would be 12%, rather than the current 10%. the standard deduction would double from $12,000 to $24,000. the home mortgage interest deduction would stay in place. and americans would still be able to deduct their property taxes. the deduction for state and local taxes, however, would go away. this is very controversial but gop leaders have said they have come up with a fix for people from high-tax states like new york and california. we will find out today whether that's good enough for gop lawmakers from those states who had raised concerns. now, it is difficult to evaluate right now how much this plan would cost what it would mean for middle class taxpayers. because it hasn't been evaluated yet. it was still being worked out as of late last night. >> all right, thank you very much, nancy. the houston astros are world
7:17 am
series winners this morning. have you heard? for the first time in franchise history, champs, scream also the headline in the houston chronicle this morning. astro players celebrated in their locker room after the 5-1 victory in game seven over los angeles. so back in houston, 17,000 fans came out to watch the game and celebrate even though the team was not even there. omar villa franco was there with those fans. it was a late night over there for you, good morning. >> reporter: it was, good morning. it was a heartbreaking loss for the dodgers and their fans especially since that loss happened at home. for astros fans and the city of houston and the city is still recovering from the devastating effects of hurricane harvey, this world series championship means a little bit more. >> it's a ground ball, right side, could do it. the houston astros are world champions. >> reporter: for the first time in franchise history, the houston astros can now call
7:18 am
themselves world champions. >> shot into left center field. back at the wall. it's gone. >> reporter: it was a bit of a vindication for the astros and their strategy. stripping the team's payroll to rebuild with young talent. suffering through three 100-loss seasons in a row. >> this is a dream come true. it's an honor. you know what, it's about the houston astros tonight and our city and our fans. we're coming home a champion, houston. >> reporter: 1,400 miles away in minute maid park, houston, space city lifted off. >> what does this mean for a fan like you? >> this is everything. we're the world champions. >> reporter: this victory was more than just a town's first baseball championship. it was a win for a community still recovering from hurricane harvey which caused an estimates $180 billion worth of damage. the games were a way to escape and a way to come together.
7:19 am
what did this mean for the city of houston? this win meant everything for our city. that's not going to hold us down. >> reporter: in a few months, the astros expect to collect their world series rings but they weren't the only ones leafing the ballpark with a little hardware. >> you made me the happiest man in the world. will you marry me? will you marry me? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: that was astros shortstop proposing to his girlfriend who is a former miss texas and of course if you're wondering she did say yes. i'm not a gemologist but that diamond on her hand is roughly the size of second base. n now, the victory -- party actually win continue here. the parade is tomorrow in houston. the going to be wild. norah. >> i'm so happy for houston. >> poetic and poignant.
7:20 am
>> need some sunglasses to look at that ring. that's quite a proposal, congrats. >> thank you so much, omar. files and videos found inside osama bin laden's
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expected to be announced today in connection with the wine country wildfires. many families beli good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. another lawsuit against pg&e is expected to be announced today in connection with the wine country wildfires. many families believe power lines caused the fires. but the exact cause is still under investigation. about 2,000 oakland city workers plan to strike today over what they call unfair labor practices. at 2 p.m., all head start centers, parks and rec facilities, senior centers and public libraries will close. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time,
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and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪ 7:27 a slow commute for drivers making their way along highway 37. we had a couple of incidents there earlier all cleared now. but we are still tracking those slowdowns. it's over an hour commute for
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drivers making their way from 80 over to 101. and we are seeing slowdowns in the eastbound direction, as well. give yourself some extra time an extra 45 minutes if you travel in that direction. 80 the eastshore freeway 48 minutes from 4 to the maze. and the maze is still quite amazing. it's 33 minutes into san francisco. here's neda with the forecast. all right. so here's what you can expect ahead of the storm today for your thursday. cool and cloudy conditions out there. and we are going to see the first round of rain coming through after midnight. it will be windy tomorrow and cooler. and the expected rain will fall anywhere from a quarter to 1 1/2 inches depending where you live. so the north bay hills will get it first. you can see the rain across washington and oregon as it moves this way down south into northern california, and by midnight early morning tomorrow when you wake up, the first rounds will arrive and then by tomorrow night into saturday, that's when we'll get the bulk of the rain across the bay area. more rain wednesday.
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♪ ♪ yesterday in new york it didn't matter whether you were born here or emigrated here or lived here during the jurassic period. what matter side that everyone came together to do what new york does best, dress crazy and party until dawn. >> i think as new yorkers we wanted to show we can still come out to the streets. >> nothing stops new yorkers. >> i refuse to live in fear. >> at a time like this we need to come together. >> i'm not going to live in fear. i'm not going to let fear stop me. i'm going to do what i do. i'll have fun. i'm going to pray for those people, but i'm going to have fun. >> you go, girl! i'm going to pray for those people, but i'm going to have fun! isis, come on. look at that. you have no chance. are you serious? you're never going to beat that
7:31 am
lady and new york is almost all that lady. in fact, if you look closely at the statue of liberty, its face is that lady. we want her on our side. >> yes, we do. >> i love sister girl. i love her. >> this is what i think about new yorkers. a lot of sharp elbows, but big heart. i love her. you go. welcome back to "cbs this morning," here are three things you should know this morning. cia released nearly 470,000 files found inside of osama bin laden's compound. they were recovered during the 2011 raid when u.s. special operations forces killed the al qaeda leader. the files include never before seen videos of bin laden's son and potential successor including footage of his wedding. the collection includes american movies, viral videos and documentaries about bin laden. president trump is expected to name jerome powell to head the federal reserve today. he would replace janet yellin as federal reserve chair. powell has served on the fed
7:32 am
board for five years and generally backed yellin's policies. take a look at this. "sports illustrated" predicted three years ago that the houston astros would win the 2017 world series. this was the 2014 cover. it features astros' mvp george springer with the caption your 2017 world series champs. "sports illustrated" shared a new digital cover after last night's win. the title reads, baseball's great prophecy. >> what did that reporter know? >> it comes true three years later, four years later. >> well done. a massive recall is breaking this morning. the consumer product safety commission says 37.8 million fire extinguishers might not work during an emergency. the new recall includes 142 models. kris van cleave is at a firehouse in kensington, maryland, with how the fire extinguishers could be dangerous to users.
7:33 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some models have been recalled for other issues. the idea behind a fire extinguisher is they're easy to use and dependable in an emergency that could be life and death. >> in a fire every minute counts joo a video stress how important products are. >> i grabbed my fire extinguisher and put out the fire. >> kidde makes technology that saves lives. >> reporter: it is recalling products. >> it's a product that a lot of people have in their homes, in their offices. >> the cpse says handles can clog in a failure to discharge. nozzles can pop off with enough force to cause injury. there have been nearly 400 reports of extinguishers malfunctioning resulting in 16 injuries and one death.
7:34 am
>> you're better off having no fire extinguisher than ineffective fire extinguisher. >> the huge market share makes the recall worrisome. >> if it doesn't work you put yourself in harm's way. >> brandon roscoe died in a pennsylvania car crash after an extinguisher used by first responders malfunctioned. his family received a settlement from kidde. it said in a statement customer safety is our first priority adding it's working with authority to ensure effective fire extinguishers are replaced as soon as possible. >> have the certainty that it will work. >> reporter: kidde will replace the recalled extinguishers with ones for free with metal components. a complete list is on the company's website and >> thanks. we're learning more about the attack that killed four
7:35 am
american soldiers in niger. last month's ambush by isis-linked militants in tongo tongo. deborah is in the capital with what she learned. >> reporter: good morning. the journey to the ambush site took 12 hours on nigerien military escort was enough to linger giving us less than half an hour on the ground. the village of tongo tongo on the treacherous border between niger and mali is so remote you can't even find a road that leads to it on a map. this is where nigerian and american troops stopped to get water before they were ambushed. as they were leaving, a chilling site. a village elder who was so nervous told us a few men appeared on motor bikes the
7:36 am
preferred mode of transport. it was just a few terrorists. we think if it's just a few terrorist the soldiers can kill them easily, but we didn't know there were so many more of them waiting nearby. it was a trap. once the isis fighters had managed to lure the troop away from the village, the numbers multiplied and suddenly they were under attack. you can still see the bullet casings that are left over from the intense shooting. the elder told us there were about 20 motor bikes with two men on each armed with either ak-47s or rpgs and at least ten vehicles which sdeebded on the troops. terrified, he hid in his home throughout the fighting which lasted well over two hours. all that's left now are the fragmented remnants of a battleground. the burned-out shell of a small one-room school. blood-stained bushes, smoke grenades and empty boxes of ammunition. the village elder told us the terrorists often cross over the border to launch attacks, but
7:37 am
he's never seen anything like the battle that raged at tongo tongo. gayle? >> yes. very jarring to see the bullet casings to see how it ended up. a website removes posts about crime at mexican resorts. ahead you on traveler said tripadviser deleted accounts of assault and put them at risk. >> you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews and podcast originals. find them all on itunes and podcast app. you're watching "cbs this morning" we'll be right back. we'll be right back. with an adt starter kit professionally installed for only $49.00. call today, and install an adt starter kit that includes security panel, keypad, key fob, entry and motion sensors and for a limited time, get a camera included and installed at no additional cost. that's a $449.00 value, installed, for just $49.00.
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you ever think of that?
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tripadviser is accused of cleating posts of serious crime against tourists visiting network. part of the usa today network found the post included numerous first-person account, they describe rape, robberies, and sexual assaults with robberies with tainted alcohol. one woman told us about a horrific experience that tripadviser initially refused to
7:42 am
post. tony is here with the story. this is disturbing. >> more than 400 million people visit tripadviser every month primarily for consumer hotel reviews. tripadviser says it's changing policies amid questions on whether people reading these reviews are getting the full picture. mexico has opened 34,000 homicides this year are complaining their posts about criminal activity are being removed. >> he threw me in the bushes. >> reporter: seven years ago christie love and a friend were on vacation on the mexican riviera. the paraiso maya where someone grabbed her and threw her into the bushes. >> please call the police. i've been raped. i've been raped. no, we're not going to call the police, ma'am. >> in a statement to cbs news,
7:43 am
it recommended she file a complaint with the police, but she chose not to. love insists she tried to seek justice for weeks to no avail. >> i felt i was completely out of options and my next greatest weapon was tripadviser. >> reporter: but when love posted her experience on tripadviser. >> it was deleted. it was deleted. >> reporter: she says the site repeatedly scrubbed the content telling her it violated the company's family-friendly policies. the journal sentinel reports that after tripadviser deleted love's post at least two more women were sexually assaulted at the same resort complex. one says she, too, had her story removed from the website which deemed it hearsay. she told the paper if she'd been warned maybe that wouldn't have happened to me. in the wake of the investigation tripadviser tells cbs news it apologizes to love and has republished her post. furthermore, the company says
7:44 am
since 2010 when the form post was removed our policies and processes have evolved to better provide information like this to other travelers. tim booker is a lawyer who works on travel and the internet. >> does tripadviser have a responsibility to share with its users any information it has about potential dangers at a travel destination? >> ethically it has a responsibility. legally, no. there's no express responsibility in any law. >> iberostar tells cbs news says it is committed to guest safety and no tolerance for illegal conduct. love meanwhile, tells us her review is now online and it is buried under 3,000 other posts. >> is she suing? >> her plans are unclear at the moment. one takeaway for consumers is if you have a particular concern about a destination or a country do a key word search and that would pull up any comment on the
7:45 am
website. >> thank you, christie love about speaking out about such a painful and horrible incident. a kidnapping victim escaping from a car trunk. >> the so-called male mona lisa by leonardo da vinci. it's right here in studio 57. we'll give you a rare, up-close look at the masterpiece that could fetch $100 million at auction. they've warned us, don't touch it or cbs will
7:46 am
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7:50 am
bringing charges in the hacking case. they've identified more than six members of the russian government who were allegedly involved in hacking the dnc computer during the 2016 presidential election. prosecutors have assembled evidence to charge russian officials. they could bring a case next year. the russian embassy did not respond to requests for comment. "variety" says actor kevin spacey is seeking treatment in light of the misconduct. he's taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment. no other information was available. two more men are accusing spacey of making unwanted sexual advances. earlier this week actor anthony rapp says spacey sexually harassed him when he was 14. a missing american family has been found and safe in brazil's amazon region. the couple disappeared on sunday. pirates allegedly attacked the barge they were traveling on. friends and relatives think they
7:51 am
escaped into the jungle and apart from insect bites and scratches, the family is reportedly in good condition. the advertiser reports a suspect is in custody after a violent kidnapping. surveillance video shows a woman escaping from the trunk of a man's car after he stopped at a gas station while she ran inside for help. he drove away, but was arrested yesterday morning. remember, they do have cameras everywhere. yeah. thank goodness there is a latch inside the trunk that they can open up. >> u.s. news and world report says the united states postal service. shoppers can place online orders on saturday. the post office will deliver the next day. the program will be available in 20 major u.s. cities. walmart is considering the sunday option. the family of an american beaten to death in greece is pushing the u.s. government to do more. ahead, baccari henderson's
7:52 am
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marijuana becomes legal in california in january... there will be no place to legally buy it in palo alto. the city coun good morning, it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. when recreational marijuana becomes legal in california in january, there will be no place to legally buy in palo alto. the city council has voted to extend the ban on any commercial activities involving marijuana. police have arrested this man in connection to a shooting that left a father dead in discovery bay. bradley machugh's body was found outside his home on sunday. police believe that he confronted the suspect over reckless driving before the suspect shot and killed him. ra ffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. good morning. time now 7:57. and we are tracking delays for drivers heading along highway 37. it's been the talk of the
7:58 am
morning. that's because this is the third crash we are tracking in that westbound direction right near mare island. we have one lane blocked so your ride continues to be over an hour just to go from 80 to 101. that's an additional 47 minutes. give yourself some extra time. same goes for the eastshore freeway. this is a look at right near san pablo dam road. 52 minutes on down towards the maze. from the bay bridge toll plaza, into san francisco, another 31 minutes. busyout there. neda? >> hello there, sunshine. bay bridge with gorgeous views. we are seeing some clouds at the coast. we are going to see more of that definitely later on today. for now, temperatures in the 40s and the 40s. so a cool start to your thursday. temperatures are going cooler. see those numbers dropping a lot more throughout the weekend. we have wet windy weather expected through sunday. into monday. another chance of rain on wednesday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ggood morning to our viewer in the west. it is thursday, november 2, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there are new details about the new york city terrorist. prosecutors say he rehearsed the deadly truck attack. only one leonardo da vinci painting is privately owned. we have it here and why it could sell for more than $7 million at auction. >> the suspect in new york city's deadly truck assault planned the attack in about a year and did it in the name of isis. two weeks before this attack sayfullo saipov rented a different truck to make practice runs. at least eight people are in the hospital. perhaps the worst pain of it all
8:01 am
is those who found out loved ones will not be coming home. >> how will we break through this arc of radicalization you talked about? >> this is something that vexed us since 9/11. we are not there yet. we have no counter message. >> it is difficult to evaluate how much the plan would cost, what it would mean for middle class taxpayers because it has not been evaluated yet. it is still being worked out. >> a heartbreaking loss for the dodgers, but for the city of houston this world series championship means a little bit more. >> is in need of in! after hurricane harvey, this is incredible. game seven, world series. >> to everyone who was affected, god is great. it is just really great for our city. >> this shows how strong houston is, and that we will overcome any adversity no matter what and come through graciously and be amazing champions. it is amazing! there's nothing better than it today. ♪
8:02 am
love that fan enthusiasm. >> yes. i just like his girlfriend going, yeah! whatever he said. congrats to them. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell . prosecutors say the suspect in tuesday's terror attack in new york city rehearsed the assault. his indictment claims he rented a truck nine days before and practiced the turns he would take. >> sayfullo saipov was taken to court yesterday in a wheelchair. he was handcuffed and shackled. he is recovering from a police gunshot wound. saipov faces federal charges of supporting a terrorist organization and violence and destruction of a motor vehicle resulting in death. president trump tweeted this morning that he would love to send him to guantanamo but the process takes longer and repeated that he deserves the death penalty. >> eight were killed and at least a dozen injured in the attack. he admitted to driving a mile down a bike path before crashing
8:03 am
into a school bus near one world trade center. jeff is near the scene of that crash. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, norah. a law enforcement source tells us saipov was seen going in and out of manhattan in his personal car numerous times. it is unclear whether it was part of his responsibility as an uber driver or whether he was scoping out some sort of attack at that time. an uber spokesman says saipov made more than 1,400 trips during a more than six-month stretch. he has been deactivated from uber as you might imagine as well as the ride-sharing service lyft which he drove for. court document also say he was planning the attack, for months, up to a year potentially, but chose halloween because he believed there would be more on the streets for the holiday. prosecutors admit he was inspired by isis. they found two cellphones with 90 videos and about 3,800 photos, many isis-related
8:04 am
propaganda. the fbi tracked down a 32-year old friend of saipov who is wanted for questioning but they don't believe at this time he is connected to the attack. gayle. >> all right. jeff. still so many unanswered questions. thank you very much seven injured survivors are still hospitalized this morning and we are learning more about the eight people that were killed. 32-year-old darren drake of new jersey was a project manager at moody's investor service. his father said he had everything going for him. 23-year-old nicholas cleves, a software engineer, was killed about two blocks from his new york city home. the president of the company he worked for called him loyal, funny and considerate. >> a 31-year-old mother of two from belgium also died. a family friend described her as spontaneous, dynamic and loving of her family and children. and five men from argentina were killed while celebrating their 30th high school reunion. a argentina's president said the attack hit all argentines hard
8:05 am
paul manafort and his associate richard gates are expect in district court later today. both have been under house arrest as soon as monday when they surrendered to fbi. prosecutors are expected to argue they pose flight risk and ask the judge to restrict travel. manafort told "the new york times" i'm not angry at anybody. >> members of congress slamd social media giants for allowing a russia campaign to influence and divide americans. executives from facebook, twitter and google testified about russian ads on their sites before and after the 2016 election. lawmakers released dozens of those ads. one senator called the russian effort "the beginning of cyber warfare." nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the story. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the advertisements that were made public by congress were designed to create divisions on a whole range of topics
8:06 am
including immigration, gun control and race, and many of these pages were viewed and liked by tens of thousands of users. take this one called "being patriotic." it was promoting a new york city rally called "down with hillary." it referred to her as the co-author of obama's anti-police and anti-constitutional propaganda. another page, "united muslims of america" created an event at the obama white house asking to support hillary and save american muslims. some ads really focused on issues like banning burkas in america or defending the second amendment right to bear arms. these pages had titles like blactivist and south united, all made-up groups, and the ads continued after the election. one anti-trump page for instance promoted a "not my president" rally in new york city. many of the adds were paid for
8:07 am
with rubles through a russian payment service called kiwi, and the social media executives who testified told members of congress they're currently working on ways to figure out who is paying for these ads and how they're paying for them. >> all right. really interesting, nancy. thank you so much the parents of a young american killed in a mob beating in greece want the u.s. government to do more for their son. >> i really want some answers. i really want the true story, which we don't have yet, and that's why we're looking to try to seek justice in this and go to court and see what comes out of this. >> ahead, why bakari henderson's parents are going to
8:08 am
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8:13 am
a group of texas lawmakers is asking the state department to get involved in the pursuit of justice for an american killed outside a bar in greece. bakari henderson was 22 years old when he was beaten to death in july. senators john cornen and ted cruz along with congressman michael mccaul sent a letter to secretary of state rex tillerson requesting he use all diplomatic means available to ensure that the aggressors do not escape justice. michelle miller shows us how his parents have pushed this move. you've been covering it from the beginning. i'm glad you are doing this story. >> thank you, gayle. good morning. a greek judge is reviewing the evidence. if he decides to send the case the trial, it could begin early next year. in the meantime, bakari henderson's family is pushing the u.s. government to do more. >> nice to meet you.
8:14 am
i'm so sorry about your son. >> reporter: they met privately with lawmakers in washington. >> we have reached out to the p>> reporter: discussing the cae against the alleged killers of their son bakari in greece. >> dealing with another country, we're not sure what the process should look like. we're hoping they understand what that process should look like and can help us get through that, because without the pressure of the u.s. government, you know, we probably don't have as much hope truthfully. >> i want to thank you guys. >> reporter: sharing memories over candlelight, bakari's friends and family gathered last week at the university of arizona where he graduated in may. in july video showed him enjoying his time on the greek island. before an argument in a bar escalated into a deadly attack. a serbian woman told investigators it started when she wanted a selfie with bakari. cbs news obtained this image which appears to show part of his face on her friend's camera.
8:15 am
she claims a man nearby said, "in are a lot of serbs in the bar. why are you talking to a black guy?" >> i really want some answers. i really want the true story which we don't have yet, and that's why we are looking to try to seek justice in this and go to court and see what comes out of this. >> reporter: surveillance video will be a key piece of evidence. it shows the man striking bakari and moments later bakari hitting back before both men ran out of view. it ends with a group of men chasing bakari down the street, knocking him down, then kicking and punching him on the ground. >> you can see from the video the brie talt of this beat, and it was a clear out lynching brutality. >> lawyers earl ward and jonathan abotti are working to make sure the hendersons are represented in court. nine suspects, mostly serbsis of, face charges of voluntary
8:16 am
manslaughter. seven remain behind bars. the other two returned to serbia and the lawyers say they don't believe they will be coming back for trial. >> there's no way to bring bakari henderson back, but i think the idea that people could do this and get away with it would add a level of outrage that is almost unthinkable. >> we asked the state department if it was in contact with the greek government about the case. a spokesperson did not directly reply but said, we continue to monitor greek authorities' investigation. >> nothing will happen i don't think without push -- without some kind of push from the government on this side. >> a very different system over there. i wanted to point out one thing. in arizona the friends of bakari set up a memorial walk. two people are on that walk, bakari and a young woman who died in the las vegas shooting. >> wow. >> i hope the family gets justice they're seeking.
8:17 am
heartbreaking story. >> thanks for covering this. >> thank you. >> we have what some describe as the holy grail of paintings right here in studio 57 ahead, and only on "cbs this morning" we're going to show you what makes this leonardo da vinci work so unique and valuable. you can hear more of "cbs this morning" on your podcast in i tunes in apple's podcast. we feature iain armitage. he talks about the "big bang" spin off and method of staying humble. also what inspired him to post theater reviews as a six-year-old. you can watch "young sheldon" right here on cbs at 8:30 eastern. you are watching "cbs this morning." cbs. you're w g s this morning." >> humble. >> he's really a smart kid. >> yeah. john tyson's motto was, "when better chickens are hatched, we will hatch them." it's why all of the tyson chicken that bears his name
8:18 am
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8:21 am
the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. on on "cbs this morning" we have a studio look at the last privately owned painting by leonardo da vinci. the portrait is called savior of the world in latin. it was created 500 years ago but was thought to have long been destroyed. its restoration makes it one of 15 known surviving pangts. >> there's more. christ christie's auction house is selling it this weekend.
8:22 am
ell ellen . >> it was known through copies and drawingings for it in windsor castle, but it had been completely obscured by paint and had been hidden in public view. it was thought to have been lost. >> any questions about its authenticity in. >> none. once it was removed after its rediscovery, the quality of it became very evident and really there hasn't been any guequesti about it. >> leonardo didn't finish very many paintings. >> no. he was prolific, exploratory, and a perfectionist and gave up
8:23 am
what he started. >> why is it calls the male mona lisa? >> it was painted around the same time as the mona lisa. these overlap. >> there are sim laters. >> absolutely. there's the enigmatic smile, soft smoky sort of shadowing in the face. all of that is very characteristic of what you find in mona lisa. >> do you already have interest in this painting? >> we do. we're working very hard. >> is there a financial release form? how do you know? >> we do a little investigation. >> has it been held by a private family or in a living room? >> it was owned by a european private collector. it emerged in 1995. it was found and cleaned by dealers who subsequently sold it. >> why are they selling?
8:24 am
>> we went for them. it was a picture we were looking at and trying to think of ways to get to for a long time because. >> best guess, lit go for more than $100 million? >> that is certainly my hope. yes, i would guess it will. >> who are the people who have expressed interest? by that i mean oprah winfrey? she's a big art collector. >> we'd like for her to come look at it. >> do you think it will be in the united states? >> we'd like that but it could go anywhere. there is only one leonardo da vinci painting in the united states in washington. everything else is in europe. >> does it make you tingle, alan? >> i have to say it does. every time i look at it, it has tremendous power. >> we could split it up. >> thank you very much.
8:25 am
>> great to have francisdco murder suspect jose ines garcia zarate plan to cross- examine the lead homicide good morning, it's 8:25. i'm kenny choi. today attorneys for san francisco murder suspect jose inez garcia zarate plan to cross-examine the lead homicide investigator in the case. yesterday, prosecutors played recordings of police interrogation interviews with him. the illegal immigrant is accused of shooting and killing kate steinle in 2015. the san jose water company wants to raise rates. the privately held utility says that more revenue is needed to fund infrastructure projects. sjw provides water for much of the san jose metro area. the california public utilities commission will host a public hearing on the proposed rate hike at city hall monday night at 7:30. we'll have traffic and weather after this quick break.
8:26 am
sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
8:27 am
good morning. 8:27. we are tracking more problems for drivers on 37. connecting in novato at highway 101. an earlier crash right near mare island still has one lane block. we are looking at a 65-minute drive from 80 to 101. now first reports of an injury crash with a car that flipped in the northbound direction block the lane to go to eastbound 37. we are seeing a delay in the southbound direction which is the commute direction along 101 just under 40 minutes from rowland boulevard down to 580. here's a live look near ignacio. traffic on the left side of
8:28 am
your screen inching along 42 minutes. not easier across the span, 24 minutes bay bridge toll plaza in the red, 25 minutes from the maze into san francisco. we are looking at some clear skies this morning. hello, transamerica pyramid this morning. temperatures 50s and 40s at this hour. so brisk. cloudier and high temperatures not high. below average. here's what you can expect. storms arrive after midnight tonight so tomorrow morning, rain and wind in your forecast. up to 1.5" by monday. that storm is bringing rain across washington and oregon right now. it will be moving its way down south into northern california, so here we go. tomorrow morning the first round of raindrops but then friday night into saturday is when that rain will really get heavy. widespread rain throughout the bay area. and let's not forget that sierra snow one to two feet expected across those higher elevations. you should get a break on saturday but then there's another storm, a lighter one, on sunday. have a good one
8:29 am
8:30 am
aam blessed to have a wonderful community of girlfriends and people i've raised my kids with. you know, that's something for all folks. i think women, we do it better than men, you know. i noerks sad for you guys. you all should get you some friends. you all need to go talk to each other about your stuff because there's so much of it. it's so messy. talk about why you all are the way you are. >> that is the former first lady
8:31 am
michelle obama with a special message for men, get more friends. she talks about how women contribute to sexism and male entitlement and one of the big sound bites that got a lot of attention too, she says, think before you tweet. not anyone in particular but take a moment before you say something. that's a universal message. >> we don't have to always use social media for everything. >> late at night, don't be e-mailing sfwhoo that's very much in keeping with her message. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we're getting a first look at fired fbi director james comey's new memoir "a higher loyalty." he said president trump asked him for loyalty during a private meeting in january. the book will discuss good ethical leadership and also promises to reveal untold stories from his career. the book is due out in may and
8:32 am
who's going to get that interview. shall we extend an invitation right now? >> something tells me that's going to be a good book. he took notes. he's already testified on capitol hill. he took notes about his conversations with the president. the president demanded loyalty. so the book is called "higher loyalty." "the new york times" reports crops in 25 states were damaged by unintended drift of a weed killer. it damaged more than 3.6 million acres of soybean crops. it can drift off fields and kill conventional crops. britain's "telegraph" reports humans may need to fake gravity to reach mars without brain damage. it causes the brain to shiftup ward against the top of the skuchlt it puts pressure on
8:33 am
vital neural regions. those affect movement which helped people avoid making in inappropriate comments. cows are intelligent and have eureka moments. the animals can be optimistic and pessimistic. they protect their calves and are affected by painful experiences. they can dim krimm nate between people who handle them roughly and those who are gentle with them. they must first agree to disney's demands. disney wants 65% of ticket revenue which is a new high and they want them to show the movie in their largest auditorium for least four weeks. >> the dallas morning news reports a restaurant was blasted for its bathroom doors. on the women's door it has
8:34 am
kaitl caitlyn jenner and the men's has him as a man. the restaurant has not said whether the doors will remain. >> police take it down. not nice. and the "new york post" reports humans love dogs more than other people. they staged two. the dog got more donations. a separate study found that college students were more distressed by hurt puppies and dogs than injured adults. >> i kind of get that because dogs are defense live. humans can fight back. >> i understand why that is but bias deserves attention. >> unconditional love. >> children give you unconditional love up to a
8:35 am
point. >> up until a point. they can get mad at you. dogs don't. best selling author michael lewis has sold mathree books. it follows the collaboration between two israeli psychologists, their search into decision-making about human nature. he's exploring issues in his new article. michael lewis joining us at the table. welcome back. >> pleasure to be here. >> why did you choose to right about the usda and what did you find? >> you have to understand the series of articles to understand why. the obama administration went to great lengths to prepare for the transition. hundreds of people spent a better part of a year to build briefing books and explain what you did.
8:36 am
and in many cases the trump administration didn't show up and the briefings never happened. i was curious what the consequences were of the ignorance, the dysfunctional handover of the government. i went and got the briefings. that's what i'm doing. >> you sat in the meetings. >> i would find who's giving the briefings and they'd say, sure, come talk to me. i never got a chance. i did that. i picked the department of agriculture oddly because i wanted to test the proposition, pick some obscure place and is thereny interest there. >> and what did you find out? >> a bunch of things. one, mistakes are normal ochlt it shouldn't be called the department of ag ku tur. maybe the didn't of
8:37 am
program is a risk to this society. >> explain. you say it's open for business and literally nobody comes and when they do come, they're not qualified. >> so i interviewed dozens of people who would have been involved one way or the other with this transition. they had set up the floor in the building with work stations and believing books. teams run in the day after the election and try to get up to speed before the inauguration and not only did not a team show up, nobody showed up for weeks. eventually people show up. the sense was because they were so brief and shallow was they were doing it just to be able to say they did it.
8:38 am
>> you say they had no interest or knowledge. >> the pushback from the usda says your reporting is false, adding that the transition team was frequently engaraged and th that appointments were lined up. >> this is a charming response because at least they're acknowledging they should have done it and they're embarrassed they didn't do it. i thought their response was going to be, oh, we didn't need to know any of that. you can talk to the people. nobody showed up. there were parking spaces that were left empty, desks that were left empty. the federal government is already a goofy operation. you have employees taken for granted and they're run by this group of 4,000 political people. so they have to get up to speed very quickly. there's already a kind of
8:39 am
dysfunction baked into the process. you add into that. >> did they course correct it? >> they didn't. many of the positions are still not filled. when i wrote the thing, only the secretary had been put in and none of the things beneath the secretary had been confirmed. and they dumped a bunch of people -- on the day of the inauguration, they sent people in and the resumes of those people, politico got their hands on it and the degree of lack of qualifications was just astonishing. >> let's talk baseball. >> we want to talk baseball. one quick question about the bo book. in essence, it's a beautiful book between two people. >> it's a love story. >> it's a love story. >> it's a love story. how things get screwed up and
8:40 am
how their relationship is so emotional. it's an intellectual love story and the children are ideas. >> i say let's talk baseball. you, of course, wrote "money ball" about the oakland a's." do you see a correlation? >> they're both children of billy beane. >> how so? >> the manager was hired in by billy beane. he was a graduate student of economics, and the fellow who runs the astros, an outside management consultant, both teams represent the sport. what you saw going on in the field were teams playing. >> would this be true for the cups who won the world series last year? >> yes. >> same thing. >> yes. theo epstein who ran the cubs --
8:41 am
if you showed somebody, they'd be puzzled by it. this weis was anything but dull. >> yeah. >> it's great. >> you got an added layer of interest because of this intellectual life behind it. >> great to have you. >> pleasure to be here. >> available in paperback. a simple gesture gives hope to kids who need it most. ahead in our series, "a m
8:42 am
8:43 am
the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
8:44 am
8:45 am
our series our series shows what highlights us as americans is greater than what divides us. we're heading to hawkeyes country, in iowa, where a children's hospital opened next to university of ways,'s football stadium. dana jacobson shows how tens of thousands of fans started a new tradition to deliver hope to younger fans. >> reporter: a sea of black and gold -- >> man, i love this. >> reporter: -- 70,000 strong. >> this is the first football season that the children's hospital in iowa city is open. it's right behind the stadium.
8:46 am
>> reporter: waving in unison, smiling up at the faces above. as the first quarter draws to a close, football fans turn to acknowledge the patients at the university's children's hospital. [ applause ] >> everybody, wave! >> the first time i saw the wave, it's hard to explain. just really cool. >> give a big wave! >> reporter: each game, dozens of kids have the best seats in the house. 12-year-oldcat -year-ol-year-ol of them. >> it's awesome. when you're in the hospital it makes you feel better. >> reporter: mary ferentz has taken part in the tradition. >> i would describe it as a giant hug from 70,000 people. >> the university of iowa -- >> reporter: that giant hug is just the latest display of the deep ties between the team, its fans, and the children and families at the hospital. >> i think the proximity of the new hospital is just a constant
8:47 am
reminder of what's really important and the battles that are being fought over there. >> this provided a real opportunity for our players to spend time with people that are a little bit less fortunate. >> both lungs sound just good. >> reporter: caden spent a month in the hospital after doctors found and operated on a tumor on his lung. during his stay, a hometown hero, hawkeyes wide receiver nick easley, paid a visit. >> we talked about football. he was saying, hey, kid, and he gave me his playing gloves and told me i'm an inspiration. >> reporter: what did that mean to you? >> it meant a lot coming from him. [ cheers ] he's just a really good football player, and i really like football. >> reporter: did that make some of this time here a little bit easier? >> a lot easier. >> think about him and all the kids here going through a lot tougher things than we are out there. puts some perspective on it. >> reporter: football players are often found walking the halls of the children's hospital. >> there you go. >> good job. >> reporter: it's a connection that's helped them win over a
8:48 am
few fans like sam davidson who at age 4 was already loyal to the hawkeyes' instate rival iowa state. sam spent several months undergoing high-dose keep toe -- chemo after surgery. >> he's a fan of both now because he likes watching you. >> reporter: senior akram wadley has spent time with the patients since early on in his career. what do you remember about the coaches said about the relationship you have with the kids? >> in the locker room he talked about how strong the kids are. he reminded us that some people got it worse than us, and he reminded us that we're not as strong as them. >> reporter: i talked to a couple of your players who said you remind them that those kids in that hospital are stronger than they are. >> my kids are going to kill me if this is on tv speaking to that. the real heroes, the great stories are over there. >> it's eye opening.
8:49 am
eye opening. >> the thing i would say is the impact's more on us, and that's something i try to remind our players. just this wave concept is, like most things, simple yet so powerful. and in these times, it's nice to have something that unifies people for a good cause. >> reporter: for "cbs this mornin morning morning," dana jacobson. >> earlier this year, coach ferentz and his wife gave a gift in memory of their grandbaby, savvy elizabeth, who was born at 21 weeks. and good news, caden and sam got clean scans and returned home to their families. >> no better news than that. clean scan. >> you're watching "cbs this
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that does it for us.
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8:55 am
expected to be announced today in connection with the wine country wildfires. good morning? >> it's 8:55. i'm kenny choi. another lawsuit against pg&e is expected to be announced today in connection with the wine country wildfires. many families believe that power lines caused the fires. he cause is under investigation. about 2,000 oakland city workers plan to strike today over what they claim are unfair labor practices. at 2 p.m. today, all head start centers, parks and rec facilities, senior centers and public libraries in oakland will close. a boy injured on a waterslide are suing the city and the slide manufacturer. the accident was caught on camera on opening day of the wave waterpark may 27th. the 10-year-old boy went airborne and on to some
8:56 am
concrete below. his parents say his back, shoulder, arm, legs and head were injured. we'll have weather and traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:57 am
delays on 101 in both directions. an accident as you pass highway 37. that was a live look at ignacio. you can see the build-up in the southbound direction. that's the commute direction. now we are seeing delays
8:58 am
northbound approaching 37 due to an overturned vehicle. emergency crews are on the scene. you can expect delays building up to about 20 minutes. over at the san mateo bridge, a slow day out of hayward to foster city. 32 minutes oakland 880, 39 minutes from 238 to the maze. busy day out there. let's check in with neda iranpour on the forecast. >> enjoy this morning because tomorrow things will look different. in the distance we see cloud coverage but not expecting to see more of that until after noon today. temperatures this morning, in the 40s and 50s. so pretty cool out there. temperatures will stay below average today. here's what you can expect. we are expecting a storm starting midnight tonight. wet and windy possibly throughout the weekend. but most likely the brunt of this storm will arrive early morning tomorrow through saturday morning. you can see it right there across washington and oregon bringing rain down for them. and yes, tomorrow morning when you wake up, i'll have your hi- def doppler in full action to show you what's going to be going on. rain friday into saturday, sunday into monday, and then next wednesday.
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